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Clubfeet - "Everything You Wanted" [Video Premiere]

Thus far, 2013 has been superb in relation to new music. After a year of disappointment, we've seemingly returned to the preeminent grind of 2011, and the short span of early January–a typically quiet time of the year—has already created more noise than the final two months of 2012. Let's assume this trend will continue, but with the addition of one component that has been a bit lackluster so far: the music video.

The music video offers a medium for expansion of creativity that remixes, live shows, and covers simply won't compete with. They offer a visual aspect that is obviously fairly unique, a blank template that allows an artist to recreate or further express a finished product, and, depending on the budget, a fairly infinite amount of creative possibilities. They are often the most sought-after musical source for fans aside from the original song itself, sometimes gaining more fame than the track that a video illustrates. There have been a handful of quality videos so far this year (granted you can count them on one hand), but the presence of good videos from rising talents has been unaccounted for.

Clubfeet's new video for "Everything You Wanted" fills that void. While the Melbourne natives aren't particularly new (their acclaimed debut album Gold on Gold launched them onto the radar in 2010), they still aren't household names, and fit the up-and-coming indie niche comfortably. Unlike the unfortunate collective of most new and agreeable bands out there, Clubfeet has managed to refrain from remaining stagnant, a progressive trait that hints at a bright future for the five-piece.

Pulled from their sophomore album Heirs & Graces (out this week in Australia), "Everything You Wanted" is an infectious, cooing indie pop ballad that nestles in nicely amongst the effervescent collective that comprises the rest of the record. Admittedly a bit odd, the corresponding video survives on simplicity and visual trickery, creating an interesting-yet-pleasantly-manageable film that does a wonderful job of not overdoing it—a mistake far too common amongst music videos these days.

Clubfeet Heirs & Graces

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