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Nightlands - "I Fell In Love With A Feeling" [Video]

Reminiscent of what I would image an acid-induced John Connor nightmare would look like, here's Nightlands' epic video for "I Fell In Love With A Feeling". Coming from an act that was initially created from tape recordings that Dave Hartley made to document his dreams, the T-1000 reference may be exactly where the inspiration for this psychedelic video takes root.

If you haven't heard of Philadelphia's Nightlands by this point then take notice as they are a side project of The War on Drugs' multi-instrumentalist Dave Hartley -- from the same band that spawned the magnificent solo career of Kurt Vile. That being said, stylistically Nightlands' new material sounds as though he took note from the likes of Ariel Pink's lounge/chamber pop-esque style.

Strictly Canadian released the David Kessler-directed video today on the tails of Nightlands' sophomore album, Oak Island, also released today. Check out the hallucinogenic video for "I Fell In Love With A Feeling" and take a listen to/download the first released single off of Oak Island below. The latter contains instrumentation that would be right at home on Destroyer's Kaputt.


Download: Nightlands - So Far So Long

Oak Island

Want more Nightlands?  Purchase Oak Island by clicking here, or head to their Bandcamp link below, where you can listen to/download more of their music.

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