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The Indie Sabbath - Week 32

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It's been raining pretty consistently the past week, ruining my plans to do everything and accelerating my agenda for doing nothing. Rain depresses me, at least in the winter time when everything's already fairly gloomy, but there's always music out there to take your mind off of things. Thusly, this week of the Sabbath is a bit more uppity than usual, and non coincidentally my favorite mix since Week 26.

In other news, I've moved in to my new abode and it just so happens that we do house shows here in Richmond, VA. If you live in the RVA and dig new, local talent; come stop by. The Bauhaus Haus, as we call it, specializes in local and fairly local and sometimes hardly local up-and-comers. Just last night we had a few bands from Boston over. They were Splendid.

Anywho, if you're into the Indie scene, or just want to stop by and talk music, come visit us. The doors are generally almost always partly open.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/48669916" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Now, streamed music has no place in the Sabbath; we aim to please with the free, for the free. But every week there's at least one song that's just too good to leave out, and that's what you've got above with a groovy new tune from Cherub. Move along now and dive into those tunes below; they're certified fresh.

Bees Knees

The Bees Knees

Your life will be much easier now.

These are the creamiest tracks of the week, one each from the three sections. These are here for those who only wish to sip. Yes, I'm looking at you, with your impenetrable ADHD and fascination with with Country Time Lemonade products. You and your inability to listen to more than just a few tracks because you have 1 new Facebook Notification and a Twitter Message.

This is for you, you beautiful, busy bastard.

The Pasture:  Youth Lagoon - "Dropla"
Download: Youth Lagoon - Dropla
The Tryptophan: Vacationer - "Good As New (Silent Rider Remix)"
Download: Vacationer - Good As New (Silent Rider Remix)
The Chicken Dance: Fleetwood Mac - "Dreams (Walter Sobcek Remix)"
Download: Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Walter Sobcek Remix)

The Indie Gift Basket

The Indie Gift Basket


  • The Pasture covers the basics, from Folk to Rock to Pop, and will now serve as the hub for the tracks perfect for any occasion.
  • The Chicken Dance is a hodge podge of tracks that you could be excused for doing the, err... Chicken Dance to. Although these aren't simply Dance tracks, they're all good to whip your hair around to.
  • Lastly, The Tryptophan is built for those relaxed moments, where you're winding down with the aid of something herbal -- or even for a time where you might just want some background atmospherics to doze off to.

The Pasture

The Pasture

The Pasture is your home for the best of Indie for every occasion. Whether you're stuck in an elevator and need to sooth your companions, or in an argument with the ex and need to calm them down– these tracks are your answer. Highlights on the fresh dairy from Youth Lagoon, LaplandBlue Hawaii, and Wild Party.

Download: Youth Lagoon - Dropla

Download: Lapland - Unwise

Download: Still Corners - Hearts of Fools

Download: Wake Owl - Gold

Download: Blue Hawaii- Blue Gowns

Download: This Old Ghost - Tiger Man of the Matto Grasso

Download: Water Liars - Fake Heat

Download:TORRES - Mother Earth, Father God

Earmilk Exclusive: Wild Party

The San Antonio natives Wild Party are trying to make music their day job. They're good enough to do this, so let's help them out. Below is an exclusive download of "Connect The Dots", as well as a stream of "When I Get Older". These guys are great. Show some love.

Stream: Wild Party - When I Get Older

Download: Wild Party - Connect The Dots

The Tryptophan

The Tryptophan

Relax. Take a deep breath, press play and shut your eyes– these tracks will take you somewhere. Herbal stimulation recommended. Highlights on the dank dairy from VacationerOppaa, and Castanets.

Download: Vacationer - Good As New (Silent Rider Remix)

Download: Oppaa - N'questia (Melt My Heart To Stone Remix)

Download: Castanets - Worn From The Fight (With Fireworks)

Download: Ruddyp - Maybe

Download: In The Valley Below - Hymnal

Download:Houses - Beginnings (Radio Edit)

The Chicken Dance

If you're like me, your dancing skills are at best similar to an epileptic seizure– and that's on a good night. As a result of our less than impressive abilities, we often simply revert to the stupid moves that anyone can do, comforted with the knowledge that while we may look a bit odd, we won't look like a total jackass. My personal favorite is the Chicken Dance, something that I found myself doing to each of these tracks. Highlights on the fresh dairy from Charles MurdochJapanster, and The Soft Moon. 

Download: Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Walter Sobcek Remix)

Download: Van She - You're My Rescue

Download:Seatraffic - Put Away (Yalls Remix)

Download: Javelin - Nnormal

Download: Sun City - High

Fresh Milk


There's plenty more where this came from. Click the link above to check out the rest, and stay tuned in for more of the best in Indie as well as everything else, right here on EARMILK.

Upon this day, I declare that Indie music is leaps and bounds more pure than anything else, and the term "Indie" means not that a band isn't mainstream, but that a band has been able to hold on to its roots, even through fame and fortune. While the wonderful thumps and womps of other genres get me grooving, it will always be the sui generis of Indie that guides me to the homeland. And for that -- I both thank it and applaud it -- for it has brought me great pleasure in the past and will so in the future.



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8 years ago

So fucking dope. Best indie playlist on the web <3 <3 <3 Earmilk

8 years ago

So pumped the indie sabbath is back! I never fail to find amazing music on here. And for that, I thank you Ronnie Evans, it's nice to have you back!

Ronnie Evans
Ronnie Evans
8 years ago

Hollaa! Also calm down, we need you to maintain control for you health, as we enjoy your readership qualities.

8 years ago

good stuff man, love your work

Chris Beatty
8 years ago

Love it