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Sasha Go Hard - "Pretty Fly" [Video]

To Sasha Go Hard, Drill music is about getting listeners to feel crunk. It's about putting everyone "in the mood to act the fool." She fits the hood into the lofty equation of what constitutes the Chicago Drill scene, but "Pretty Fly" is as hood as takeout sushi. Sure, it's still got Sasha's check yourself before you wreck yourself charm tucked in its folds, but it mostly screams of Saturday night loft parties. (Not that that's necessarily a good thing)

Nonetheless, "Pretty Fly" will have you acting a fool by the 38-second mark. In those 38 eight seconds, it transforms from an urban vision of Devo to a Pitchfork wet dream. Its director, Aaron Perkins Jr. (APJ Films) does a splendid job of translating the instant-crossover into moving images.



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