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xSDTRK - "sVcrethe"

A few days ago, xSDTRK, a Montreal-based artist that I've featured before, released his first official follow-up to his freshman release,"powDer". Titled "sVcrethe", it's a 3 minute long journey  through a chaotic, glitchy mind-trip and an exciting look at xSDTRK's unconventionally refreshing style.

The song is firmly planted in the same minimal, bleary-eyed aesthetic as "powDer," but here xSDTRK delves even deeper into the experimental middle-ground where pop and electronica meet. For the first time, we're treated to xSDTRK himself laying down a gentle, RnB-tinged croon atop a dark and uneasy landscape of glitches, echoing effects and spacious synths. Halfway through, the vocals filter out as all the instrumental elements fall into place for a rhythm-led, strangely euphoric end. It's a magnificent display of xSDTRK's exceptional range of talents and penchant for experimenting, and hopefully just a small hint of things to come.

Here it is:

You might want to keep tabs on this very promising artist.



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