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Midnite - "Hemp Scroll"

When I asked Midnite about their irie opus, they said simply, "When the music comes out it just arrives."  It's true, there's no promotion, no warning, no bullshit. Midnite recently released Free Indeed under the radar, as usual. It's their 50th album, a milestone that seems to go unnoticed by the humble Benjamin brothers, Vaughn and Ron. For them music serves a higher purpose -- more of a divine mission that's become corrupted by today's music scene. Vaughn says, "All the people yuh see on the hip-hop videos and all dem dey . . . dem is d Angels of the earth but right now dey singin a strange song because ah money bizness." [sic] 

Free Indeed is 14 tracks of hypnotizing word-sound-power. It's not much of a change in sound or style but is as captivating and deep as any release we have seen from Midnite. Of the tracks, "Hemp Scroll" remains a favorite. It's an uptempo groove with Vaughn's voice chanting pure poetry over a spacey hip-hop rhythm. If you're new to Midnite or a life-long follower, you're in for another musical blessing from these "Angels of the Earth". Peace. 

Download: Midnite - Hemp Scroll

Also, check out these snippets from the new album:



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