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Rob Adans - "Abash" (Sebastien Drums & Whelan di Scala Remix)

 It seems like Rob Adans's "Abash" has been around for a while. We've seen it everywhere from techno to house sets to Axwell's live set at Electric Zoo NY over the summer. Bootlegs trying to recreate the full song have appeared all over the web, but nothing really compares to the original full mix that was released a few weeks ago. On top of an unbelievably addictive and simple horn progression is a remix by Sebasitien Drums and Whelan di Scala that adds unexpected depth to the track.  A mix between dark and uplifting progressive elements, the remix done by French house veteran and the newly singularly-named British duo moves the track from straight house to a serious club track.

Stream:Rob Adans - Abash (Sebastien Drums & Whelan & Di Scala Remix)

Stream:Rob Adans - Abash (Original Mix)

Abash Beatport

Rob Adans

Abash (Sebastien Drums & Whelan di Scala remix)

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