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Weekly Flavours [004] [The Future of 2013]

2013 is here. The apocalypse was a sham. We are all still alive. So I propose an idea in this new age. Why not listen to some music that you wouldn't otherwise find or listen to on your own without mainstream corporations advocating them and pushing them down your throat? Fear no more, EARMILK's Weekly Flavours is here. As of 2013, I will no longer be using the term EDM (electronic dance music) to describe the types of music emerging from the underground. The stigma that surrounds the acronym has descended to such a broad generalization of anything and everything you could "rave" to. This is not the music that you will find here. What you WILL find is three essential mixes for you to get your bearings on where the musical journey of 2013 will travel. Included below are mixes from the infamous DJ Shadow set from Miami at Mansion (this winter) where he was pulled from the decks for being "too future" for the crowd. Addison Groove has influenced such a large percentage of what forward-thinking producers and DJs create that I had to include it as well. ATL native Blkkmorris demonstrates some seriously eclectic range of dirty south music vs. future bass on his newest mixtape as well. Listen to them and absorb first, then dissect. 

As far as the "tunes" are concerned, the underground electronic movement of the moment has yet to be defined. Elements of RNB, juke, trap, house, trip-hop, blues, and other assorted genres play integral parts in the makeup of what's to come. Everything from the underground established Kastle (founder of Symbols Recordings) all the way to Tokyo Hands (founder of internet hijinks new-comer label #TomCrew) provide a spectrum that will help guide you through these trippy times. Cheers to future forward thinking in the new year!



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