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Gooseflesh - Bronz [Official Video & Exclusive Free Track]

Oh My God It's Techno Music! presents their latest release by Gooseflesh. A two track electro house EP called Bronz. But who are these guys? Based in Istanbul, Turkey, this duo launched in 2007 by Ulas Pakklan (aka Jackdied) and Volkan Akaalp (aka Jasko). Both quickly grow out through the turkish underground and became more and more famous from the east-european club-scene over to the world wide dancefloors. They are well known for their powerful live performance of perfectly stylized electro.

This is exactly what you'll get with this new Bronz EP. Nicely arranged and highly danceable electro music. The second track is called Going Down and is in no way inferior to the title track. Release date was the 28th December and the guys are proud to present the official music video to Bronz. This one is not for the sensitive plant out there.

To celebrate this, we are proud to give you one track exclusive for free. Continuous is more than just a christmas present which you get by some other artists. It's mezmerizing. Give it a listen and be sure to support their new EP on Beatport.

Download: Gooseflesh - Continuous



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