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Thomas Gold - "MIAO"

German producer Thomas Gold has managed to squeeze one last release into 2012, letting "MIAO" loose as his fourth and final project on Christmas day. Debuted on his guest mix takeover on BBC Radio 1, the single enters classic Gold territory by mixing uplifting and electro, undercut by consistently booming stadium-sized sound. What's special about this release, though, are the elements in it that we've seen less and less of lately. Instead of favoring the electronica, "MIAO" has an almost rock and roll feel, with drum and treble elements that we didn't realize we missed until we heard them again. Out on Calvin Harris's Fly Eye records, this marks a hugely successful year for Gold: he's started and ended the year as a clear favorite.

Thomas Gold Beatport

Thomas Gold

MIAO (Original Mix)

  • Fly Eye

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Dance · Progressive


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