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Lana Del Rey - "Back To The Basics" (Feat. Jay-Z) (Urban Noize Remix)

Call it infatuation, admiration or whatever you like, one thing is obvious Urban Noize are quite fond of Lana Del Rey and for good reason. With their recently released Lana remix EP, which paired  Del Rey and hip-hop juggernaut Jay-Z, causing quite a stir the Florida production duo returned to the lab to cook up an additional mix that finds Lana and Jigga

Serving as a bonus track off the duo's Lana EP both artists sound right at home over an uptempo hybrid mix of pop and hip-hop. Finding a harmonious balance of sugar and spice with Lana's vocals dominating the hook and bridge and vintage verses from Hova's Reasonable Doubt, UNE's "Back To The Basics" rework is the perfect late addition to an already solid EP.

Stream the remix below and grab a free download of Urban Noize's Lana EP and check out Lana Del Rey's Paradise EP, available now on iTunes.

Download: Lana Del Rey - Back To The Basics (Feat. Jay-Z) (Urban Noize Remix)


Lana Del Rey x Jay-Z

Lana [EP]

  • Self-Released
  • November 21. 2012


Hip-Hop · Pop


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