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Zoo Brazil - Window Looks/Uff Uff [EP]

Grammy-nominated John Andersson, also known as Zoo Brazil, returns with his eighth and final EP release of 2012 Window Looks/Uff Uff. The elusive Swedish producer has not only worked with some of the best in the game across all genres, but has also written songs for Kylie Minogue, and worked with everyone from Lana Del Rey to Tiesto

Window Looks/Uff Uff has two original tracks as titled in the album name, that bring us more great tech and deep house work from Zoo Brazil. The original mix of "Window Looks" includes a simple, groovy, acoustic sounding bassline with an overlay of a mod pop of synth. The second single on the EP, "Uff Uff," has both deeper and techier threads, focusing on the treble aspects of the composition until we're led into subtle vocal bass.

The compilation also includes a remix of each track, by Sergio Fernandez and the Loulou Players. Both mixes add updated flare to their original partner, bringing a more global sound to round out the album. A great way to sign out from 2012, Window Looks/Uff Uff leaves us excited to see what's in store for 2013.

Stream: Zoo Brazil - Window Looks (Original Mix)

Stream: - Uff Uff (Original Mix)

Stream: Zoo Brazil - Window Looks (Sergio Fernandez Remix)

Stream: Zoo Brazil - Uff Uff (Loulou Players Remix)



Zoo Brazil

Window Looks/Uff Uff

  • Fatxl (Factomania)
  • December 17. 2012
Dance · Deep House · Techno


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