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Dido - "Let Us Move On" (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Dido has arguably one of the most recognizable voices in pop. It's virtually impossible not to immediately hear "Thank You's" "and IiIiiIIiiI want to thank you..." upon the mention of her name. And for fans of hip hop, those words are more often than not associated with Eminem's "Stan" which both sampled "Thank You" and saw Dido play Stan's pregnant girlfriend in video treatment. 

But just as we were thinking "Wow, remember 'Stan'? What an unlikely collaboration," Dido jumps back into the hip hop game and enlists its current golden child, Kendrick Lamar, for support. "Let Us Move On" is Dido's first single off her upcoming album due out in March 2013. It's a subdued, tragic track wrapped in hope and peace. Without focusing on the specific hardships that have caused the grief, "Let Us Move On" simply deals with the process of overcoming it. 

The contrast of their voices is fantastic as well. Dido's birdlike way of singing is veiled in wisdom and experience, while Kendrick's very deliberate delivery reveals his youth, hunger, and sincerity. So if you're "wonderin' why you got out of bed at all," it's for this track. 

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8 years ago

there is no way to download?