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Weekly Flavours [Future Bass] [003]

Recently, the lines between styles of dance music have evaporated. At any given performance/party, you may experience anything from 70-180 BPM (beats per minute) in a single set. House fanatics have turned to polyrhythmic future bass and the unique stylings of vogue. Drum and bass loyalists have turned to Chicago-bred juke. Dubstep devotees have turned to the synth-heavy reinvention of trap. The evolution has become strongly apparent in the major music centers of the world and will continue to carry on through this decade of the would-be "end of the planet." So to chaperone in the new dance music "age" of our time, I give to you some of the choice future cuts selected by EARMILK of what your kids' kids' kids might be dancing to by the time the next so-called "apocalypse" is predicted. 

Also included is a Philly Footwork remix I just finished up of  Young Buck's hood classic "Stomp" with a free download link. Please enjoy these assorted flavours.

Bass · Dance · House · Juke · Trap


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