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Weekend Money - Naked City [EP]

Besides Das Racist publicly announcing their breakup as the big media news this week, a New York hip hop duo on Heems' label (GreedHead),Weekend Money played a show at The Studio of Webster Hall on Tuesday night. The last time I saw them was at Glasslands where even though Kool AD, Heems, Lakutis and Kitty Pryde all made an appearance, Weekend Money still left me staring and lusting for more.

Ne$$, pictured on the left and Baghdaddy on the right, paired up and expressed their interests of New York in an EP titled Naked City. As the name suggests the overall aesthetic of the record, Weekend Money used the city's surrounding sounds in an industrial kind of way and rhythmically injected words, beats, stories, experiences and droplets of hard work. Ne$$'s lyrics are powerful enough to leave your head nodding in approval and relating to him.While the rap is smart and fast, the electronic side of Weekend Money is sometimes chaotic but always drenched in sharp, infectious synths with Baghdaddy's soulful outcries. Of course, you can't have can't have a hip hop record without mentions of women and their track "Open" is probably my favorite off of Naked City. "Open" is more of a honest post break up song. We've all been there so feel the nostalgia and take a listen below. You can also download all of Naked City through Weekend Money's soundcloud.

Download: Weekend Money - Open

Download: Weekend Money - Naked City


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