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#Mashup Monday - Week 76

Mashup Monday - We're back again with some of the freshest mashes to start your week off right. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop you're searching and instead settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO!

 It's December, 2012 is winding down and I'm going to make it my mission to not miss another week until the end. Yeah, it's only 4 more weeks but might as well start 2013 on a roll (granted the Apocalypse doesn't happen and the Mayans are wrong...here's to hoping). Start planning your resolutions and cue up the mashups, I've got 27 tracks with 1 mashup mix for you waiting below.

 Starting off this week, we have Compson Sound's "Chasing Relentlessly" that continues the EDM trend of mashups/remixes that use the released stems for Zedd's "Clarity". However the highlight of the track is really the fluidity from sample to sample, and I hear it instantly from the vocal sample of Krewella's "One Minute" transitioning to the aforementioned "Clarity". The usage of Usher's "Numb" along with R.E.M.'s "The One I Love" adds a more more mellow and emotional feel to the track. If I had only one word to describe this mashup, I would have to say 'clean'. There's no aspect that seems to be detrimental and the flow is just clean. Spicing up the playlist is a "gift" from Savoy through their Facebook page. I'm personally a fan of seeing established artists dropping these unexpected gems because it's a change from their original production. The first gift from Savoy combines their own "Senator" track with Die Antwoord's "Fok Julle Naaiers", and it's a straight jam. I've had it in my library for the past week or so, and I must say it did a great job of really energizing the atmosphere. It seems to be a simplistic A v B mash, but I dig the hell out of it. Second gift combines Savoy's "Devils on Horseback" with The Knocks' "Brightside", which is a nice mash in itself.

Probably one of my favorite mashes of this week's segment is newcomer Xam, providing "I Love Firework". I don't know why it is, but it seems as though some of my preferred and most played mashes tend to have artists that I can't really listen to individually. Once again, we have Katy Perry providing the individual artist I could live without, but pairing her with some Icona Pop gives us a rather spectacular mash. It would certainly seem to cater to a more feminine crowd, but it's a natural high-energy track that is accented wonderfully by "Firework". An extremely good find for a Monday, and certainly a track that would be a good way to start your day.

If there has been a genre that has rarely, and I mean rarely, made an appearance on Mashup Monday, I would have to say it is Country. Even though there is a whole geographic region that plays it almost religiously - I'm looking at you Southerners- it seems as though mashers have for the most part stayed away from the genre. Not really complaining seeing as I'm one Southerner that could live without it, but a group of mashers have done the near impossible. I recently stumbled upon an album that seems to be completely comprised of country samples paired with various other genres ranging from Top 40 pop, to EDM, to others. And (un)fortunately, 3 of those mashes have made their way to Mashup Monday. So kudos to Ryan Nellis envision for his "Run From The Maneater" (Hall & Oates vs George Strait), Amoraboy for his "Domino Home" (Jessie J vs Blake Shelton), and envision (once again) for his "Not Pretty Enough to Call" (Maroon 5 vs Kasey Chambers). Don't expect to hear this at parties, but if you're looking for some softer, and more chill, mashups then these are perfect to check out. Download  listen to the entire album, titled Tracks that are rarely travelled... here.

There are tons more mashes ranging from The Jane Doze, Dan Mei, Lobsterdust, Penn Wallace, Mashup Germany, as well as an almost 50 minute mashup mix provided by Elocnep for your listening pleasure. So as always, get to pressing 'play' and hit me up in the comments with your preferred mashups. Enjoy your week!

Download: Compson Sound - Chasing Relentlessly (Zedd x Krewella x Usher x R.E.M.)

Download: SAVOY x Die Antwoord - Senator x Fok Julle Naaiers

Download: Xam - I Love Firework (Icona Pop meets Katy Perry)

Download: Amoraboy - Domino Home (Jessie J x Blake Shelton)

Download: The Melker Project & Friendly Greg - Crush Vs. Stay Fly - Jennifer Paige Vs. Three 6 Mafia (Popped and Screwed Remix)

Download: Bob Marley Vs The Cure - Is This Heaven? (Mashed And Confused Mashup)

Download: Rino Santaniello - Daft Punk vs Adele - Solar Skyfall [Rino Santaniello]

Download: The Jane Doze - Can't Get Enough Eleanor Ribgy

Download: The Early Mourning - Lights Out (Nelly Furtado v. Pretty Lights)

Download: Hall and Oates ft. George Strait / envision. - Run From The Maneater

Download: Dj S!dOx - The Eagles vs David Guetta & Estelle - One Hotel (Dj S!dOx Mashup)

Download: Ivo RobotniK - Hold Me Down Remix [Ground Up x John Frusciante x Action Bronson]

Download: Bombaclat - Can't Stop Ur Freak On (Bombaclat Bootleg) (Missy Elliot, RHCP, Skrillex, Trampboat)

Download: GenErik - Thinkin 'bout Adult Things (feat. Frank Ocean & The Presets)

Download: Kill_mR_DJ - You Gotta Fall (Alicia Keys Vs Aerosmith)

Download: Yves V & Felguk VS Inpetto (Sander Van Doorn Edit) VS Deorro & duvoh VS TJR - Fully Torqued (HellFire MASH)

Download: Dan Mei - Smells Like New Good Times (November 2012)

Download: PennWallace - Carried Away Touchin' (Passion Pit X 3OH!3)

Download: lobsterdust - Dancing The Night Out (Bee Gees vs. Martin Solveig)

Download: Judd3rman - Lana Del Rey V Marilyn Manson - Sweet Paradise / Dark Dreams

Download: SAVOY x The Knocks - Devils on Horseback x Brightside

Download: Dan Mei - Little Talks Next To My Remains (November 2012)

Download: PennWallace - The Sun & The Moon (Queens of the Stone Age x Gary Numan x Maverick Sabre)

Download: Mashup Germany - Who Knew Someone Like You... (Adele vs. Pink vs. 4 Non Blondes vs. Ben E. King vs. Snow Patrol vs. Lady Gaga vs. Whitney Houston)

Download: Lobsterdust - It's Fun To Be Young At The YMCA (Fun. vs. The Village People)

Download: envision. - Not Pretty Enough To Call (Maroon 5 x Kasey Chambers)

Download:Syntrix - Trap Swagger

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/68474615" iframe="true" /]

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8 years ago

thank god you're back again. i miss this post when its not weekly.

Mashups are my fav type of music and i, like you, tend to really like those mashups that have people that i'd never listen to on their own (like Katy Perry).

i wish that, if possible, for A vs. B (vs. C) mashups you'd tell us the artists involved and tracks too. i like to know that stuff =]

The Rino mashup is pretty cool as is the Xam mash

8 years ago
Reply to  Phips

Thanks for the comment Phips. I'll see what I can do about getting the samples written down for each track at the end of each post, but that'll be quite a list. I'll do it for next week and see how long it takes, and the response I get.

Oh and I expect MM to happen more often (ie back to it being weekly) since I've finished with some outside obligations

8 years ago
Reply to  ItsGutz

sweet! i know for stuff like Mashup Germany the samples will be off the wall. i wouldn't expect you to want to do that but for something like the Xam mashup, its only "I Love it" vs. "Firework". i know it could be a lot of work and i'll definitely take mashups and links over the sample list. =]

8 years ago

You dont get enough props. Thanks for your work putting up these otherwise unheard mashups!

8 years ago
Reply to  mims

Thanks for listening and for giving me a little bit of credit! All is made easier with the music

Terran WB
8 years ago

Thanks! Love this weekly!

Daniel Kusper
8 years ago

Favorite time of the week!!!!

8 years ago

nicolas gutierrez, you are the man!

8 years ago

I really dig Mashup Mondays. This, along with Wobble Wednesdays, are the reason I started to frequent Earmilk in the first place. I really appreciate mashups as their own genre of music. Most people don't appreciate it as an art form but it really takes a keen ear to match up melodies like this. Thanks again, Nicolas!

8 years ago

Thanks for the mention man! No idea how much the support is appreciated!
-HellFire (http://soundcloud.com/dj_hellfire)

Shane Sharp
8 years ago

This whole issue is FIRE! Crush and stay fly??? Umm yea!!

And "Smells Like new Good Times" is pretty much the first mashup/remix of teen spirit that doesn't sound like complete ass. Loving these tracks man thanks for the great week!

8 years ago

thank you thank you, i love the mashup mondays. Makes my life a lot brighter when im listening to it on the subway.

Chris 'envision' Manning

Cheers for the love guys... although I will let you know that both the Maroon 5 AND the Hall & Oates mash were made by me (envision.), so it's awesome seeing them both make it in there!

8 years ago

Sorry man. Guess I misread the album listing on the album. Edited post to give you proper credit

8 years ago

Amazing selection this week. Please, please, please keep it up!

Ryan Nellis Mashups
8 years ago

...and here I thought I had made the list again! Haha.

8 years ago

My bad Ryan. For some reason, I accidentally attributed "Run From The Maneater" to yourself. Apologies!

For those wanting a Ryan Nellis mashup, check out Ryan's contribution in "Tracks that are rarely travelled..." here - https://soundcloud.com/ryan-nellis/somebody-rolls-gotye-vs-garth

8 years ago

I could've sworn Home was a song by Michael Buble and not Blake Shelton (in reference to the mix by Amoraboy) Sick list btw!

ÐéèJãÿ Sîdõx
8 years ago

Well well well , first of all Great selection there !

Then I'd like to thank you for putting my mashup on the list ! Just great to see for me !

Cheers !

Yâssine Hourtane
8 years ago

Thanks a Lot For this Weekly Tracks ;) (y)

8 years ago

Once again cheers for the support mate!