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Helvetic Nerds - "Blood Pressure" (EDX & Leventina Mix)

It's easy to want to be cryptic or deep when choosing a song title, but this team didn't get metaphorical about conveying how this song will make you feel. In so many words, it'll get you pumped up.

EDX is a producer who's made himself known for producing some quite uplifting stuff. After releasing his debut full length album earlier this year, he's has created a recognizable consistent style of his own. This round he's paired up with a duo of Swiss duos to release a "Blood Pressure," which although coined a remix, feels like a real collaborative effort between all parties. Looking at the resumes of the three production teams involved in this massive club track, there's a subtle continuity among them: they love to remix each other's stuff. Helvetic Nerds as a group itself technically includes both EDX and Leventina, among others like Dinka and Chris Reece. Essentially, it's an overarching name for countless Swiss superstars who collectively represent the Swiss dance music essence. Out appropriately on PinkStar Records, "Blood Pressure" is not only hard hitting, but addictive and happy too. 

Stream: Helvetic Nerds - Blood Pressure (EDX & Leventina Mix)


Helvetic Nerds

Blood Pressure (EDX & Leventina Mix)

Dance · Progressive


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