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Djemba Djemba - I Just Go Remixes [EP Premiere]

The next installment from The Melt LA and Mad Decent label producer, Djemba Djemba, include remixes of his Mad Decent/Jeffrees label I Just Go EP by five extremely talented young producers. If you have not yet heard the original two tracks "I Just Go" and "Oh Ok Yeah That's Cool," you can check it out here, when EARMILK first premiered the EP last September.

Astro Nautico beat smasher, Obey City, and R&B bass mixer, Falcons, take the reins on reworking the track "I Just Go." Obey City's influential synth chords take over and transform the track into a new soothing sound. Falcons' use of build and drops in his remix ads a fun dance element that includes a melodic one-hit chord throughout and his staple bird cry tag.

That leaves remix duties for "Oh Ok Yeah That's Cool" to three talented artists, rocker PhilipAlways, Chicago based electronic producer FootwoRk, and M|O|D's most unholy member Yung Satan. PhilipAlways' remix is probably one of the biggest surprises off the EP. It is the most different of the five with new and explosive bass drops. FootwoRk can transform any track into an electronic masterpiece with some of the heaviest builds off the EP. Contrasting PhilipAlways' take, Yung Satan creates a fast paced, instrumental treat with high-pitched vocal edits.

Bass · Trap


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