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Pacific Air - "Float" (RAC Mix)

This latest remix from RAC (Remix Artist Collective) is a tough track to describe by genre, I think they did it best with "Pharaoh Dance". Not quite the same sound as we are used to from RAC, this one takes the indie original into a darker, heavier spectrum. Considering how short all of our attention spans are now, it's good when a group showcases diversity in their sound. It's especially amazing if they are actually able to pull it off successfully. 

"So, here’s a remix that’s very very different than the usual. It was quite a difficult song to remix because of the swing/shuffle so I went through all kinds of different versions. I tried more mellow arrangements and more upbeat and it just wasn’t working. It ended up pretty dark and I stripped away most of the original melody, which I rarely do. I really hope you like it." -RAC



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