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Dead Horse Beats – Stop, Thief! [Album]

Dead Horse Beats is an experimental hip-hop and trip-hop producer who showcases a lot of variety in styles through his work. This one-man-army produces with an impressive array of instruments and electronic tools. His latest album, Stop, Thief!, is the result of thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen from him in a burglary. I know I would be extremely furious, but he has managed to keep his cool and toss out an album to show that such an unfortunate event won't deter him from doing what he does best: making beats. In Stop, Thief!, you'll find a staggering 21 songs that all have their own bite to their beat. Some sway to the flow of the hip-hop scene, while others dip to low-coasting downtempo. It's pretty damn difficult to peg and pigeon-hole Dead Horse Beats into a specific genre or style, as that would be unfair to describe him and his latest work in Stop, Thief!. The brilliance of the album is that he doesn't try to be too deep with it. It's an album that is meant to be listened to and enjoyed through the vast sounds he introduces and the great production of each track. Below, I assembled a small starter kit to get your Dead Horse Beat on.

Play: Dead Horse Beats – Gameboy

Play: Dead Horse Beats – Get Right Down feat. Maniphest Destne & Tantrum

Play: Dead Horse Beats – Long Days

Play: Dead Horse Beats – You're No Good

Experimental · Hip-Hop · Trip-Hop


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