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Josh Heinrichs - "Set Fire To The Rain (Feat. Stick Figure)

This one is for my roots fans. Former Jah Roots founder Josh Heinrichs has just released this amazing reggae cover of Adele's "Set Fire To The Rain." After leaving Jah Roots, Josh went solo, recorded a handful of indy records on his own label GanJah Records. The reason for Josh's success is a no-brainer. His voice is un-fucking real; like he channels it from some distant sun-soaked, peaceful planet where weed grows wild and naked women run the government. It turns out an Adele cover was the perfect way for Josh to showcase the energy behind his amazing voice. And this subtle yet powerful, spacey track proves why Josh Heinrich is one of the best singers in the reggae world. Peace. 

Download: Josh Heinrichs - Set Fire to the Rain (feat. Stick Figure)



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