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Moduloktopus - "Wiggizm"

You may not already be aware of Boston electronic producer Moduloktopus, but you should start paying attention because this genre-bending, bass-heavy artist is making waves in 2012. The track "MONUMENTVL PT. I", off of the highly acclaimed Dvnny Seth Prespliffs Pt. I EP, was also a Moduloktopus-produced beat. Born Wigbert Caro, Moduloktopus has garnered acclaim from countless blogs and even radio plays by BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs.

He has recently released his newest track "Wiggizm". The title comes from the term "wiggin' out" or, as he describes, it as combining a wild imagination to push dance music forward, as well as having a direct correlation to his birth name. "Wiggizm" combines jungle music with deep bass sounds and drum and bass influences.

Song is dedicated to everybody who supports the forward movement of electronic music and those grew up with the jungle movement! If you like please share and spread the gift worldwide.


Bass · Drum and Bass · Trap


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