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Wobble Wednesday

The weekend has come and gone, and now you're deep into your weekly grind. Never fear, Wobble Wednesday is back with more of your favorite face-melting bass drops to help you make the most of your mundane lifestyle. Today I'll be guiding you along through the many variations of bass music that we see these days, new and old. I wanted to turn the Wobble Wednesday feature into more than just a section for today's dubstep, so I decided it was only right to incorporate some drum & bass as well as a summer time mix of the week section into the weekly feature.

You'll be hearing amazing bass-driven tunes from the softer, chiller side of dubstep to the filthy, grimier side that everybody loves to rage to. I'll also dip into the world of drum & bass as well as add some classic tunes from the 'golden age' of dubstep. All I ask from you guys is to enjoy and download. Once the weekend hits, steal the iPod at the party and throw on these songs. Guarantee it will make the place jump!


Download: Rusko - Yeah (Power's Denial of Service Attack Remix)

Download: KOAN Sound x Gemini x Culprate x Asa - Beyond The Shadows

Download: J Kwon - Tipsy (Candyland's OG Remix)

Download: Bukez Finezt - Mental Torture

Download: Yuna - Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix)

Download: Ace of Base - All That She Wants (ProJect Aspect Remix)

Download: K Theory -


Download: Krewella - Alive (MitiS Remix)

Download: Citizen Cope - Lifeline (Figure Remix)

Download: Krewella - Can't Control Myself (Protohype Remix)


Download: The Wanted - I Found You (DC Breaks Remix)

Download: RZA - Built For This feat. Method Man, Freddie Gibbs & Streetlife (Serial Killaz Remix)

Download: Fred V & Grafix - Major Happy


Download: きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - つけまつける (CRO¥DON x KNEEGAUZE RENOODLE)

Download: Kill Paris - Tender Love

Download: Oscar Daniel - Cycles


With the growing popularity of dubstep in North America, one Los Angeles based label, SMOG, is arguably the sole purpose for it all. Artists like 12th Planet, Flinch, SPL, and Skrillex have all come from the LA based scene and seen it grow from the beginning. On October 30, 2012, SMOG released the highly anticipated 9-track EP SMOG CITY. Below is SMOG CITY mixed by DJ Cruze, with a few extra treats not on the EP towards the end. Order the EP on iTunes here.

Finch & Bare - Artform
The Juggernaut - Nudrobe
Flinch - All Night
12th Planet & Antiserum - Bass Salt
SPL - Close to You
Kelly Dean - Paparazzi
SPL - H.A.M.
Antiserum & Djunya - Soul Gravy
Noah D - Diamond Heights
Minnesota - Push It (not on EP)
Seven Lions - Days to Come feat. Fiora (not on EP)
Chillstep · Drum and Bass · Dubstep · Feature · Trap


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