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Alt-J - "Buffalo" (Feat. Mountain Man)

It seems all too good for the recently exploding indie band Alt-J. With their killer album An Awesome Wave out and about, they have been snatching fans left and right. Many already wonder when their next album will be and what direction their music will take. Suddenly, they casually tossed us a bone. "Buffalo", they claimed, is a new track of theirs that will be in the movie "Silver Linings Playbook". The track is hauntingly good, as singers from indie band Mountain Man act as backup vocals, enhancing the overall experience we get. It's already an experience listening to Alt-J and their unique singing and song compositions, and "Buffalo" is no exception.

Serene guitaring coasts things off, but then intense percussion throw you off. Then again, Alt-J is known for sudden shifts of tone within their works, so this shouldn't really come to a surprise if you are already a fan. "Buffalo" is still on track with the works from An Awesome Wave. If I told you that this particular song is a hidden track on the album, you might have believed me. With help from Mountain Man, they together make a wonderfully engaging piece that you can't help put on repeat for the next several days.



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