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UGK & OutKast - "Int'l Players Anthem" (Woody's Produce Remix)

There's a solid chance that "Int'l Players Anthem" lands in the top twenty "Untouchable Rap Tracks" of any hip hop aficionado. But there's an exception to every rule and Woody's Produce could more or less be that exception. Crazy as it sounds, he flips the verses around and even exchanges some of most iconic parts of the Willie Hutch sample for totally atmospheric guitar rock riffs, taking any and all mentions of space to another level. Add a slight touch of trap and you have actually more of a "limited edition flavor" than the hot mess I was a little afraid we might get when you mess with a classic. Well, pardon my moment of doubt. Woody's Produce isn't a lame. He knows the game and how it goes.



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