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xSDTRK - "powDer"

 My friends from the always next-level Avenge the Virgins blog recently introduced me to xSDTRK and this track PowDer and I was immediately blown away.   Its unconventional and out there in the best kind of way.  Heavy on the strange vibes and thick in atmosphere the song is a four minute trip down the rabbit hole.  And all the while, over top this totally alien production, glides these gentle ethereal vocals that I wish I knew the sample or singer -- Its weird, beautiful and mesmerizing all at the same time.

The man behind the moniker (pronounced Soundtrack) is Yonathan Ayal a.k.a. Yoni. This born and raised Montrealer was first introduced to the piano by his father at the age of 3 and was subsequently sent by his parents to the Toronto Royal Conservatory to hone his skills.  His diverse classical training turned him into as he says:  "An optimistic multi-instrumentalist with an appreciation for all musical genres".   Although he is less known for his solo stuff he's done quite a lot of production work, including the likes of Karl Wolf and Milli Millz.


Dance · Electronic


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