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Kimbra - "Settle Down" (BYRAM Remix)

The track is now available to purchase on iTunes through Warner Bros. records and we caught up with BYRAM to get his thoughts on the remix and touch base with what he's been up to:

"This remix had the perfect material for me to work with. I've loved Kimbra for a while and knew I would work very well with the music naturally because of her attitude and intellectual songwriting.  I definitely focus on the lyrics a lot during the remix process. It helps me shape the track in a way that emphasis and amplifies the true message and feelings that are already in the vocals… I'm pretty sure that's an important job of a producer anyways, assuming you'll be working with a vocalist."

 BYRAM will also be releasing a new EP this month which we are excited about and definitely will be featuring so look out for that:  "This EP will have some similarities to the Settle Down remix I won the Warner Brothers Kimbra remix contest with but it also will have some lonelier and heavier moments as well. There will also be more of my vocals." - BYRAM

Take a listen here if you haven't heard the Kimbra  remix and if you like it definitely cop the track on itunes and support this young artist:  iTunes link: 



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8 years ago

What a beautiful remix, kudos!