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nExow – "Autumn Feelings"

Today, we bring you a fresh take on the old genre of drum and bass (DnB) from nExow, an 18-year-old Frenchwoman from Laval, France. Her musical path revolved and still revolves around the growing electronic scene, more specifically DnB and dubstep. A few years ago, she was introduced to a small niche within the electronic scene called chillstep. Ever since, she has incorporated a sense of mellowness and ambient within her tracks making for a crisp, clean breath of life into her field. "Autumn Feelings" is one of her latest tracks that showcases her expert mixing of the essence of chill and ambient into the quick-paced style of DnB. It starts out with ambient effects and vocals, which quickly escalate into a classic DnB rhythm after the introduction of the chimes. The tune provokes an internal struggle whether you want to kick back and recline or stand up fist pump. Maybe both? No one will judge. 

Chillstep · Drum and Bass


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  • neXow is a man. Please do your research.

    Janis Tsai July 11, 2014 7:48 PM Reply

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