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Strict Face - Vanilla Pattern EP

A brief, inane personal anecdote before I go into the standard how good this is. Strict Face put "Vanilla Pattern" up on his SoundCloud sometime back in February or so, and if memory serves he had a blurb in his bio about emailing for promos or something similar. I shot off an email asking for the tune for mixing purposes as I was enamored with it, and he politely offered it up. I told him I'd keep supporting, and half a year later here we are with that tune on his new release via Bass Machine Music. As predicted, the Utah-based label is back with some internationally informed music (this time from Australia) that hits that sweet spot between house, garage, and generally good dance music.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/61822695" iframe="true" /]

The titular tune is a prime example of this: pads like rolling fog and almost whispered vocals fit to space you out in any setting. Silky warm, invitingly deep house mixed with a melancholy garage current. "Untitled #2" rekindles and sustains the proper house vibes in a perfectly throwback style yet Strict Face's influence remains present. Newfound fans of Disclosure and Dusky take note. I'll stop dissecting and let you experience for yourself. Both tracks alone would've made a strong release, but they're supplemented with some fittingly bass-heavy remixes by Heblank, Poor Sport, and Mike G (who we've also shown love before) that are all catchy in their own right. All around tasty; Gewzer says it better in the comments, "VANILLA+but far from plain!" It's out now, so sleep no further.

Bass · Dance · Deep House · House


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