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Weekly Flavours [Trap][002]

The beat goes on. Another week of trap scorching across the world at an alarming rate. House DJs have been reported spinning trap. Dubstep DJs have been incorporating trap into their sets. Everyone has been caught IN THE TRAP!

So what does this mean for the EDM scene of today, tomorrow, and even years from now? Trap is already deeply ingrained in countless genres already. Ever since the release of Lex Luger and the Trap-o-holics Sample Kits, it has been almost impossible for even the top tier producers of today to resist utilizing the distinguishable sounds found therein. This has also spawned a new era of bedroom producers, which explains the onslaught of bow throwing medleys that have been clogging your internet feed.

Well, every week I put together a set of tunes for you that are to my judgement, REAL TRAP SHIT. The best trap or trap inspired tracks of the past, present and future. You can expect nothing but the meat and potatoes (okay maybe with a little gravy) in this Weekly Flavour.

Throw Bows (rage to this):

Bro Safari


Heroes x Villains


Pressure Points

Buzz Trillington

Trippy Mane (chill to this):

 LOLGurlz & UZ


Tokyo Hands


Thomas White & Hesk



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