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Seven Lions - "She Was" (Feat. Birds of Paradise)

I first caught wind of the Cali native Seven Lions back in July with his remix of Above and Beyond’s “On My Way to Heaven.” Since then he has been hitting us with these beautifully melodic dubstep tracks. Some have deemed it dreamstep and others progressive dubstep. Whatever you may call it, the sound is sexy and chill, yet heavy and deep at the same damn time. The Santa Barbara local, Jeff Montalvo, found his music in the ears of Skrillex, whose OWSLA label will release his self-titled EP tomorrow. “She Was” ft. Birds of Paradise is the first track off the album and demonstrates his versatility. Venturing into the realm of glitch hop, the track stays true to his entrancing style, but it drops into the glitchity hop that makes your ears want to dance. Go ahead and give it a listen and be sure to add this one to your collection. 

Dubstep · Electronic


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