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Little Comets - Life is Elsewhere [Album]

There is something about the indie band Little Comets. Is it their catchy lyrics? Is it their positive mood that they express through their songs? In any case, the Newcastle, England trio have been giving indie fans something to rave about the past few years.  Their major breakthrough came upon the release of their debut single "One Night In October" back in 2009, and reached number three on the independent music chart. Their sophomore album, Life Is Elsewhere, will be officially released on Monday, October 15

The album is full to the brim with light-hearted tunes. You won't find any dark or melancholic draws here, that's not Little Comets' style. Their work is inexplicably exhilarating, probably due to the amount of energy and the guitar hooks and licks that can send your mind to the beaches of Mykonos. If this is your first time listening to them, you may at times find the vocals having some similarity or resemblance to that of Ezra Koenig, from the New York indie band Vampire Weekend.

However, it's the rest of the elements in each song, such as the use of effects and synth, that really set them apart to be their own sound and image. Little Comets' Life Is Elsewhere showcases excellent lyrical skills, instrumental skills, and execution of each song making their upcoming second album a must for any indie fan. They have graciously allowed early streaming of the album on their SoundCloud page, fill up on your appetizers below. We recommend "Little Opus" and "Bayonne" for starters.

Little Comets

Life Is Elsewhere

  • Columbia Records
  • 10/15/12
Album · Indie


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