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Join the Earmilk Community presented by Hard Haunted Mansion

Today we're launching a new Earmilk group playlist on Wavo. This will be a place for everyone from the Earmilk Community to share and listen to songs they love. This will also be a way to help us find out new tracks that you guys have heard and are feeling, connect with our most influential readers, and discover artists before they break.

Its almost impossible to wade through the thousand emails we get each week but what's cool about this playlist is if you get your song hearted it will rise to the top... Kind of like a mini-Hypem most popular. That will allow you guys to help us discover the best new tracks which we can then feature on Earmilk. So get your friends to join the group and use the wavo search to add your favourite songs from Soundcloud and Youtube or your own music and let us hear it! As an added bonus everyone who joins the Earmilk community will be entered into a draw to win GA tickets to Hard Haunted Mansion. The more influential you are in the group the better your odds of winning. The only rule is don't flood the playlist with a hundred songs. Try and pick that one song that you absolutely love right now or that massive track you feel is your best work. We want to keep the quality of this group and our community awesome!

1. Join the Earmilk Community!

2. Find songs from Soundcloud & Youtube and drop them into the playlist

3.  Add friends and vote on your favourite tracks

4.  Winner of the Hard Haunted Mansion tickets will be announced on Halloween (Oct 31st) via email.

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