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Venice Calypso - Trapezoid EP [Video Premiere]

UK-based, worldwide-sensible Senseless Records has always been a label to watch out for with producers like Mak & Pasteman in their ranks, but their newest release is pretty undeniable. Polish-born London resident Venice Calypso has unsheathed the Trapezoid EP, a ridiculously solid collection of dank and dark bangers that straddle a line between past and present techno, house and more. Recommended if you like Instra:mental and/or a good time. If you don't believe all those effusive words just check the gothic striptease video for the title track, an unabashedly decadent, borderline pornographic visual and aural affair. Not that there's anything wrong with either. If there is, in this case who wants to be right?

If you couldn't tell, "Trapezoid" is a ridiculously heavy number of gnarled vocals and entrancingly grimey basslines. "Trouble" is a choice opener with menacing synth swells and a battery of claps. Hints of acid pepper this EP but they're strongest here. The name "Poseisus" invokes some marine imagery, and it's a torrential tune. Waves of pleasantly overpowering keys and percussion. It seems to be a recurring theme with the originals on this EP that they snare you in their angular loops and don't let go 'til it's over.

The remixes are no slouches, though that's not surprising as all the remixers are on the Senseless roster. JTRP (also of Deep Teknologi) deploys an even more stripped-down version of "Trapezoid" into the fray. The energy is still intact, a testament to the original. Reilly Steel (Top Billin) lends an expanded version of "Poseisus" that lets the track come up for air with some drums reminiscient of Joe. In fact the whole EP is matching Hessle vibes, and that's not a light claim to throw around. Deville closes out with an uptempo shaker akin to a hazy Addison Groove.

The Trapezoid EP is out October 15th; preview the aforementioned tracks here and get an early start on the dopeness.


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