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Rework - Werewolf [EP + Video]

In the year 2000, the German dance music experiment Rework was founded by Daniel Varga and Michael Kuebler. After several releases, including an album on Playhouse Records, Sascha Hedgehog and her amazing voice joined the duo in 2005. A second LP followed two years later as well as remixes for Alter Ego and others. In 2012, Rework released their track "Tell Me Why" on Items & Things followed by a full EP called Werewolf on Meant Records.

Rework is a very unconventional "band." The three original tracks of this EP swing between genres - from indie over electronica to techno. The title track combines elements of each of these styles: percussion and a bass guitar for the indie rock sound, weird lyrics make little sense but are sung by the beautiful voice of Sascha for the electronica feeling and not to forget the techno beat pattern and synth. Magda, who resurrected the Items & Things label together with Marc Houle and Troy Pierce, changed almost everything but the vocals, which are echoed off beat in her remix. This plus the modified synth and drums make the track a hypnotizing house monster.

The second original "Touch Yourself" is similar to the Magda remix in this mesmerizing way - a sexy house jam. The track was a perfect draft for Remain, Parisian and co-founder of Meant Records, to turn it into one of his "next generation electronica house" tracks. Together with guys like Rework themselves, Headman, Deadstock or Daniel Avery (Stopmakingme), he has established this beautiful and interesting new sound in modern dance culture. The last original is called "That I Like" and it is much more of a techno track than all the other productions on the EP. It is amazing how interesting and fresh a straight beat pattern plus some edited and chopped vocals can be.

With this wonderful EP comes an equally creative music video for the title track "Werewolf". It was directed by Ji Strangeway - a young avant-garde film maker, director and writer. The video is as dadaistic and manifold as the track itself and makes the cherry on top of this extraordinary release.

Be sure to grab the physical release that just the hit the shelves on Decks and Juno.

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Dance · Electronica · House · Nu-disco · Techno


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