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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "Same Love" (Feat. Mary Lambert) [Video]

Today I bring you two videos from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. These guys are making a massive name for themselves with funky beats, clever lines, viral videos and, above all, intelligence and fun. "Thrift Shop" is probably one of the most ridiculously silly songs and videos of the year, giving "Gagnam Style" a run for its money, while Same Love is perhaps the the most serious and well-articulated proclamation of support for gay marriage to come out of rap music with a video that makes you want to tear up. That versatility has me supporting these guys hard.

And perhaps there was no better time to release these videos, as the buildup of anticipation for The Heist is reaching a climax. With a scheduled release for October 9th and featuring guest artists such as Schoolboy Q, Allen Stone, and others, be sure to pre-order a "deluxe edition" of the album by Friday midnight to ensure delivery for Saturday morning.



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8 years ago

There is also free (and legal) streaming available through NPR.