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The Club - Week 38 [Part 2] Presented By Earmilk @ Cinema

EARMILK Presents: Jamie Gone & Andy Warburton @ Cinema

This Friday in Toronto's Liberty Village, EARMILK, in association with Uniq Lifestyle, is hosting a very special event at the city's most exciting new club, Cinema, which over the last two weeks has played host to Art Department and Manufactured Superstars, while this Friday we've got myself, Jamie Gone, and Hed Kandi resident DJ Andy Warburton.


  • When: Friday, September 28th, 2012
  • Where: Cinema Nightclub, Toronto



Tickets: $10 on reduced list - email listed@earmilk.com - $20 at the door






A few days ago I gave you guys Part 1 of The Club Week 38 with about as many festival/arena sized tracks to keep you going for weeks. If you're looking for big room progressive & electro house, this is NOT the spot. Today however, we're going deep.. I've been across the internet and back over the last few weeks and bring you the most in depth selection of deep house I've done yet. There's definitely a common theme throughout; groovy bass lines and more vocals than has probably ever been on The Club. 

It's official. My new favourite producer is now Finnebassen. The 24 year old out of Norway is featured here a slew of times, most notably for his remix of Prince's "When Doves Cry", his original epic masterpiece "Such A High", and another funky jam that you can't do anything but fall in love with, "Touching Me". Every song he releases has this kind of emotional power instilled within them and when his bass lines kick in, there's something about them that takes over you. Vintage vocals paired with classic synths and impeccable percussion have made the perfect recipe for success, as he currently is sitting well on the Beatport deep house charts as we speak with "What You Do", "A Little Somethin Somethin", and "Touching Me" all in the deep house top 100.

Stream:Finnebassen - A Little Somethin Somethin

Stream:Finnebassen - What You Do

Stream:Finnebassen - Such A High (Original Mix)

Stream:Duke Dumont - The Giver (Original Mix)

Download: Prince - When Doves Cry (Finnebassen Remix)

Stream:Finnebassen - I'm In Love With You (Original Mix)

Stream:Hunter_Game - Don't Feel The Presence (Original Mix)

Stream:strong>Finnebassen - If You Only Knew (Original Mix)

Download:Patrick Podage - Hold You

Download: Finnebassen - Monday (Finnebassen Remake)

Download: Kolsch - Der Alte

Stream:Finnebassen - Touching Me (Original Mix)

Download: Monte - True (Original Mix)

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/61300315" iframe="true" /]

Also doing well on those Beatport deep charts (actually sitting at #1 right now!) is Tube & Berger, a German duo who that's been pumping out some of the best tunes all over the deep spectrum. I featured "Lovebreak" as the final track in the mix above, and if you could ever describe a deep house tune as a banger, this is the one. With those memorable lyrics from Bran Van 3000's "Astounded", and a drop to make you look around with your jaw halfway to the floor as if to say "Are you hearing this....!?", its no wonder why its doing so well right now. 

Stream:Tube Berger & Milan Euringer - Lovebreak (Original Mix)

Download: Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr. - Loslassen (Tube & Berger Bring Back the Love Edit)

Stream:Tiga - Pleasure From the Bass (Subban Remix)

Download: Atapy - Knight Rider (Atapy Let's Ride Rework)

Download: The White Lamp - It's You (Eats Everything and Christophe Acid Ouse Mix)

Download: Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal)

Download: Maya Jane Coles - No Sympathy (Original Mix)

Download: Hector Couto & Santi Garcia feat Pablo Fierro - Let the Music Play (Giom Remix)

Download: Rampa & Re.you - My Life Feat. Meggy (Original Mix)

Download: Kolsch feat Troels Abrahamsen - All That Matters (Instrumental)

Download: Him_Self_Her - Calling (Original Mix)

Climbers have appeared on each of the last few instalments of The Club [Deep House] section and they show no signs of slowing down. The Mexican duo has been busy releasing standout tracks like "2 Come Back", a song with a vocal hook that keeps you wanting more. Luckily, with impressive remixes from Fur Coat and Miguel Campbell, we get a couple of fresh takes on an instant classic from the guys that have already brought us such incredible compositions as "Hypnotic Vision" and "Equal Responsibility", the latter of which I featured on Week 37 not long ago.

Stream:Climbers - Hypnotic Vision (Original Mix)

Download: Lee M Kelsall - Ny Shuffle (Kreature Remix)

Download: Climbers - Smoking Fire (Original Mix)

Download: Tom Novy & Christopher Groove - Love (Extended Mix)

Stream:Climbers - 2 Come Back (Original Mix)

Download: Climbers - Crush On You (Original Mix)

Download: Topspin & Dmit Kitz - Hummel (Original Mix)

Stream:Climbers - 2 Come Back (Fur Coat Remix)

Download: Monkey Safari - Roule (Original Mix)

Stream:Climbers - 2 Come Back (Miguel Campbell's Remix)

Round Table Knights have been on the cusp of something big for a while it feels like, but with their recent productions it seems like they've really found a sound that works. Last month's "On Fire", is still one of the hottest tracks around right now, while their recent remix of Penner+Muder's "Presence Of Another Man" takes similar synths and with turns it into something magical. Can't wait to hear whats next from @Roundtizzy.

Stream:Penner+Muder - Presence Of Another Man (Round Table Knights Remix)

Download: Fabo - Where I Stand (Karmon Remix)

Download: James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Tapesh & Dayne S Edit)

Stream:Sharam Jey & Tapesh - Over Me (Original Mix)

Download: RA MI - What You Eant (Original Mix)

Download: Thomas Gandey & Blondish - Voyeur (Original Mix)

Download: Booka Shade - Tomorrow Belongs to Us (Acme Remix)

Download: Martijn - Make Me Feel (Adam Shelton Remix)

Download: Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Ft. Roland Clark - Back To The Future (Monte Remix)

Stream:Freakme, Hunter_Game - Nocturne

Download: INXS - Need You Tonight (Wehbba 'Sound Perspective' Edit)

Download: Ugur Project & Angelo Ferreri - Sad Moments (Alex Q Remix)

Last, but certainly not least, of the five artists that I HAD to feature extensively is Kolombo, the Belgian producer who makes more than one appearance here today, including a predictably amazing collaboration with Sharam Jay featuring some rather memorable vocals from a generation past. One of the few tracks I'll listen to that has rap or hip hop vocals, "My Own Business" comes off his latest EP that I highly recommended grabbing here. Also in the Kolombo pack are a few collabs with Loulou Players, the first original mix titled "Give It To Me" and the second, a remix courtesy of Zombie Disco Squad for "Don't Go Away" that just can't escape my head. As if that wasn't enough, check his remix for Junk Yard Rhthym Section's "Falling", one of my favourites from the week.

Download: Junk Yard Rhythm Section - Falling (Kolombo Remix)

Stream:Kolombo & Loulou Players - Don't Go Away (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

Download: Mat.Joe - Heart To Find (Original Mix)

Stream:Kolombo, Sharam Jey - Talking 2 U! (Original Mix)

Download: Karol XVII & MB Valence ft. Lazarusman - Whispers (Original Mix)

Stream: Audiojack - Night Watch (Original Mix)

Stream:Kolombo - My Own Business (Original Mix)

Stream: Jody Wisternoff, Pete Josef - Just One More feat. Pete Josef (MANIK Remix)

Download: Kolombo & Loulou Players - Give It To Me (Original Mix)

Download: Pavel Petrov - Ushuaia (S.K.A.M. Remix)

Download: Mark Jenkyns - Wind It Back (Original Mix)

Stream:Clockwork (C/W) - It's You Again (Lee Foss Meets Robert James In The Art Department Remix)

If you love the music like I do, make sure you support the artists and purchase the music at a music outlet such as Beatport or similar!

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9 years ago

please please PLEASE make zip download files.

8 years ago
Reply to  KP

Free chrome extension Download Master will solve your problem - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/download-master/mcceagdollnkjlogmdckgjakjapmkdjf

Nick G.
Nick G.
9 years ago

Perfect to plug into, pop some adderall, and study for hours.

9 years ago

Thanks !!! I'm so happy each THE CLUB release !

9 years ago

What happened to the club? I will never hear something like that... in the club!

Dan Mackey
8 years ago
Reply to  masterwow

I agree. This is not The Club feature I fell in love with. Now your just The Club that I used to know...

8 years ago
Reply to  Dan Mackey

Why? This music is sick, enjoy it man

Dan Mackey
8 years ago
Reply to  chooway

I must say, I'm a recent convert to Deep House. I take it all back.

8 years ago
Reply to  Dan Mackey

Glad to hear it!

jonny maven
jonny maven
8 years ago
Reply to  Dan Mackey

you in the wrong section brother. this is club music.. just not your type https://earmilkdotcom.wpengine.com/2012/09/19/the-club-week-38-part-1/ <-- theres your fix

Gerard Simons
8 years ago
Reply to  masterwow

well maybe not true club music, but these songs are de-li-cious to my opinion, gotta love the deep house, but perhaps a different section or something would be good.

8 years ago

Just another fan of this deep house selection.

8 years ago

This is dope. New Round Table Knights and Zombie Disco Squad!

8 years ago

soooo many good tunes!!! respect to you! more like this pleeeease

8 years ago

the when doves cry remix is actually the Ginuwine remake of prince's song so in all actuality its a remix of a remake of princes song!!! lol! just thought I would share that!

8 years ago

This club is post is more of deep house which is a nice change of pase but my personal préférence would more house and electro house but nice change of pace

8 years ago

Absolutely wasnt feeling these songs.... sorry

Flawless Logic
Flawless Logic
8 years ago

Really loving that S.K.A.M. remix. Strings are toooo perfect

8 years ago

Agreed.... REAL CLUB MUSIC. brings back good memories of when clubbing was memorable

Dan Mackey
8 years ago

Can't wait for Week 39. When can we expect it?

Dan Mackey
8 years ago

When is the next installment?!

8 years ago

What happened? I thought this was updated weekly?

8 years ago

what happened to all the dutch house tracks?

Kevin A Brack
8 years ago

Seriously....Id rather have 7 solid tracks every week than getting bombarded every other month. Just cant count on the club any more ='(

Gerard Simons
8 years ago

When is the next one??

Edd Tomlinson
Edd Tomlinson
8 years ago