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Wax - "The Adventures of Larry and Tina" (Unplugged Series) [Video]

We've come to love and appreciate Wax for finding the comedy and the tragedy in all of life's situations, whether it be staying sober or falling out of love. He's brutally honest and hilarious without flinching, mastering a type of storytelling that makes him distinct from most other artists in his genre. This week, however, Wax's storytelling takes a tragic turn, so to say, with the latest video in his Unplugged series entitled, "The Adventures of Larry and Tina," as he unwinds the tale of a naïve and unrequited love. Until the last note is sung, the plot twists and turns in the most surprising ways, leaving us more confident than ever in Wax's uncanny ability to tell a damn good story. Of course Wax isn't going to leave us without a little humor -- check out the video's tags, which alone are worth a visit to his video.



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