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Silver Medallion - "Money Can't Buy" [Exclusive]

Today we have for you the exclusive premiere of Silver Medallion's newest track, "Money Can't Buy".  "Money Can't Buy" is the second single off Silver Medallion & DJ Fresh Direct's upcoming project entitled Xanaxland. The track combines elements of house music with pop, rock, and hip hop, the perfect mix for a party.

"Last month me and some of my homies helped throw a NYC rave/partay inside a Dim Sum restaurant in Chinatown.  Ginger Riot filmed the whole thing, all my frenz came, and now yall can see what a night out in NYC with Silver Medallion and posse is like while we get sloppy, steal pizzas and just generally wild out.  The song is another #Xanaxland track by DJ Fresh Direct and myself, it's called Money Can't Buy and it's our ode to the end of summer." -Silver Medallion

Download: Silver Medallion - Money Can't Buy


Money Can't Buy



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