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Big Narstie - "Drunk & High"

Dice Recordings artist Big Narstie is back again with his fresh new video for “Drunk and High”. The video is a little offbeat, but that’s what we love about the super-sized UK emcee. Big Narstie goes shirtless -- again -- whilst surrounded by a bevy of Brit beauties (and no, your eyes are not deceiving you -- those young ladies really did have their breasts out!). I didn’t even know we were allowed to do that over here. The words 'soft porn' do come to mind. The track itself is a fun, upbeat end-of-summer jam. If you're used to hearing the more raw, gritter side of Big Narstie, then this sound might be refreshing. A lot of smiles in this video: definitely one for the fellas. Be on the lookout for the #PAIN EP coming October 14th.



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