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James Talk - Firefly [Release]

James Talk is a British producer who has been producing just under the radar for almost ten years. For those that know his work, he is a master at the classic tech house and techno. This week Talk partnered with recording label Saura to release both parties' first ever album called Firefly. It's a major first move that covers a wealth of genres in 15 tracks - tech house, electronica and techno. Firefly as a release beckons back to how albums used to be made: with the purpose of the audience listening and experiencing it all the way through in one sitting. The production was made for the listener to travel through the producer's thought process, and experience the album as a story.

James Talk is no newbie to this type of production, and shows us why he is a professional groove-maker with tracks like "Amy's Groove." His productions are clean and basic but with a clear direction, but much like this album, basic does not mean boring or predictable. Talk accomplishes what many producers of the earlier dance music generations seek to instill in the new mainstream generation, and reminds us why going back to what you know can be the most rewarding move.


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[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/59380148" iframe="true" /]


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Ryan Paredez
8 years ago

Amy's Groove is dope as fuck!!!!!