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Fossil Collective - "On & On"

Demonstrating true craftsmanship from every angle, UK folk-rock duo Fossil Collective build on the success of their debut "Let It Go" EP with the release of “On & On”, the lead and title track from their forthcoming sophomore EP. Further demonstrating their ability to combine meticulous instrumentation and delectable harmonies, Fossil Collective have once again produced an altogether gratifying listen that manages to bring something new whilst still maintaining the feel of a timeless classic.

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In testament to the collaborative spirit of the band, which swells from a duo to a five-piece for live shows, Fossil Collective have teamed up with Leeds-based animators Broken Pixel for a video which matches their mournful folk with a breathing taking stop-motion adventure. It’ll be a true test of self-restraint to avoid wearing out the grooves on this YouTube video before the rest of the EP drops on October 22nd via Dirty Hit.




Folk · Folk Rock


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8 years ago

Love it.