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Seeed - "Beautiful" [Video]

I switched to the German iTunes store to download the new Seeed EP Beautiful that dropped yesterday. I don't know any German so I just guessed and clicked 'musik' then 'kaufen'. Kunderbewertungen? Hmm . . . hell if I know. Google translate tells me that I can't get this song in the good ol' US of A yet. And now meine iTunes is kaputt; stuck in the German store.

Well, now that my computer has beamed me to the other side of the pond all I see is stuff about the new Seeed EP and the upcoming full album set to hit American soil on September 28th. Seeed is hugely popular over here in Europe - with good reason too. These German dancehall gods are known for insane live shows, inexhaustible energy, and a huge sound that will light up even the darkest of hearts. 

It's been a minute since the latest full album release from Seeed. We got a two song teaser last year with "Molotov" and "Wonderful Life" that was great but ultimately just left everyone with Seeed-blue-balls, if you will. The last full album was released almost six years ago.  So for all of you starting to get the itch, here is the video for the new single  "Beautiful". It's a dope song with a big-band, dancehall sound that should suppress your groove cravings until the full album/ fall tour is unveiled.

Oh look at that, Feuerschwantz finally dropped Walhalligalli and there's a band called Glaspertenspiel. Maybe I'l just stay in German iTunes. 



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