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Markus Schulz - Scream [Album Release]

It’s been two years since we’ve seen a release from Markus Schulz, but he’s back with an extensive album for the end of the summer. Out on August 31st, this is the German producer’s declaration of his artistic and emotional mantras, appropriately titled Scream.

We previewed Schulz’s single “Loops & Tings” that he released with Ferry Corsten earlier this year, and Scream offers much more than just the classically dark trance sound we’ve come to expect. Taken from the energy given from fans at his gigs, the album is meant to elicit that same reaction that his live audiences have – to scream.  Schulz’s production aims to project that same combination of emotions both on and off the dance floor, and hopes his fans feel that same energy in his album. In an effort to deliver listeners both quantity and quality Scream aims to give the best all around production on Schulz’s most vocally-oriented album to date. Always a fan of female vocalists, Schulz has brought in a range of talent with him. From one of the most recognizable trance vocalists, Jaren, to newcomer Adina Butar, who sings on the first single off of Scream, “Caught.”

In this same vein, Scream exemplifies why fans have dubbed Schulz “The Unicorn Slayer,” because of his recognizable style that balances a reach for something ethereal, with a dark, underground sound. As announced on his latest Global DJ Broadcast radio show, the next single off this album will be the 4 Strings remix of “Love Rain Down,” and it perfectly exemplifies the balance emotive styles on the rest of the album.

Released just in time for his Scream album tour launch in New York in collaboration with Electric Zoo, he’ll be spinning at the Best Buy theater this Saturday as an added official after party for the festival.

Download: Markus Schulz - Caught (Feat. Adina Butar)(Club Mix)


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