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The Club - Week 37 [Part 1]

So I know last time I said I would have a deep house section and a tech house section for week 36 of The Club, but hey, I got busy, then went on vacation for a week and didn't have internet like I expected it to. Either way, here I am bringing you a deep selection stacked full of late night jams perfect for soaking in the remaining summer nights we have left.

This week I've got a deep house mix that sums up my taste in music this summer. It's a collection of my favourite songs from the last month or two, all squeezed into an hour long journey that includes Sharam JeyGiddy, A1 Bassline, and my personal weapon of choice from the Round Table Knights, "On Fire".

Stream: Round Table Knights - On Fire (Original Mix)

Download:Giddy - Preacher (Original Mix)

Download: Oddvar - Falling Free (Bjoern Stoerig Remix)

Download: Meggy, Tube & Berger - Long Roads (Original Mix)

Download: Sharam Jey - Love Hurts (Dub)

Stream: Urulu - Another Time (Original Mix)

Download: Kim English - Nitelife (Raffa FL Remix)

Download: Karol XVII & MB Valence - Melody (Original Mix)

Download: Serge Devant & Danny Inzerillo feat. Polina - When You Came Along (Climbers Remix)

Download: John Monkman - Noisily (Original Mix)

Download: Chorniy & Rafwat - Funkee (Original Mix)

Download: Sasch BBC & Caspar - This Feeling (Original Mix)

The young duo out of Mexico, Climbers, are quickly rising to become one of the my favourite deep house acts at the moment. With remixes and originals dropping all over the place, these guys have found a sound that is incredibly pleasing to the ears. I've basically been listening to deep house non-stop for the last few months, and these new comers have provided a few of the best tracks that I've come across. Their original production "Equal Responsibility" demonstrates their talent with classic basslines straight from the 80's and vocals that leave it one destined to melt some faces.

Download: Climbers - Equal Responsibility (Original Mix)

Download: Yapacc & Daniel Solo - Zora (Alex Low Remix)

Download: WhoMadeWho - Never Had The Time - Mind Against Remix

Stream: Urulu - 1991 (Original Mix)

Download: UGLH & Madura - I'd Place At Your Feet (Original Mix)

Download: Tudor Neve - Rondo-Ul De Noapte (Original Mix)

Download: Oscar G. - Hypnotized ft. Stryke (Climbers Remix)

Download: Tapesh & Dayne S - Early Bird (Original Mix)

Download: Sunju Hargun - Down With You (Original Mix)

Gui Boratto has always been a personal favourite of mine ever since hearing "Beautiful Life" years ago. He's continued to excell in electronica/deep house productions that really get your emotions involved. He is one DJ thats on my bucket list to see, but rarely do I see his name appear on a lineup. Luckily for fans in California you can catch him at Nocturnal Wonderland on September 22nd, sandwiched between Umek and John Digweed.

Download: Stimming, David August - Sexy Biest (Gui Boratto Remix)

Download: Shlomi Aber - Overture (Original Mix)

Download: Eric Volta - My Senses, My Window To Your World

Stream: Echonomist & Mz Sunday Luv - Obstacles (Elef Remix)

Download: Dog Days - 92 (Original Mix)

Download: Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)

Download: D.Ablo, Eric Volta - Believe (Original Mix)

Download: D. Ramirez - Fragile Tension (Original Mix)

Download: Cuartero - People Rocker (Original Mix)

Download: Ave Astra - I Feel You (Raffa FL Remix)

Download: Andrea Oliva & Gel Abril - Scene (Shlomi Aber Remix)

Download: Albert Marzinotto - Painting Harmony (Original Mix)

The second track from Sharam Jey this week takes the memorable vocals from Kanye West and transforms them into a track everyone can appreciate. Simple basslines and percussion accompany a subtle squelching synth that rides throughout the track, set behind the vocal loop that leaves you singing the rest of the track (or as much as you remember it) in your head the entire breakdown.

Download: Sharam Jey - Money Right (Original Mix)

Download: Shadow Child & James Talk - Comb Over (Original Mix)

Download: Sandy Rivera - Avenue (Main Mix)

Download: Pablo Bolivar - Last Change (Original Mix)

Download: Cuartero - Let Up (Original Mix)

Download: Sasch BBC & Caspar - Rescue Me (Original Mix)

Download: Maya Jane Coles - Getting Freaky (Original Mix)

Download: Martjin - C'Mon Girl (Original Mix)

Download: Dog Days - Mia (Original Mix)

Download: Malte Seddig - Downstream Movement

Download: Kolombo - What Could Make Me Think (Original Mix)

Download: Kaum - Sitting Up (Original Mix)

Download: Justin Jay - Femme Fatale (Original Mix)

Download: Joy Kitikonti - Do U Want Me (Deep Mix)

Download: Jamie Funk - Bounty Hunter (Original Mix)

Download: Hot Chip - Night And Day (Dusky Remix)

Download: Hector Couto & Santi Garcia feat Pablo Fierro - Let the Music Play (Hector Couto Edit)

Download: Sasch BBC - Never Enough Love feat. Bunte Bummler (Original Mix)

Download: Gui Boratto - Destination Education (Terranova Mix)

Download: Pablo Bolivar - Stand By (Original Mix)

Download: Gareth Whitehead & Tom Taylor - I Came to Dance ft. Robert Owens (Pete Dafeet Instrumental Mix)

Download: Franck Roger, Terence Terry - Hustling Peoples (Original Mix)


If you love the music like I do, make sure you support the artists and purchase the music at a music outlet such as Beatport or similar! 

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Nick Gruenenfelder
8 years ago

DIggin the chilled out feel of this post, Avenue by sandy rivera is a great track to cruise to.

8 years ago

Cheers for all of this, any chance you could start doing Zip Folders of this as well though? I am ALWAYS going to download the lot of it

Nic Bwongbwong Wilson
8 years ago

Lot of rad percussion in this post, that Climbers track got me haunted. Plus... Say My Name will always hold that special place in my heart...

8 years ago

i agree with adding a zip feature. please do this