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Mohamed Haniff - Tropical Storms [Album]

Having recently moved back to his island home of Barbados after spending four years of university in Canada’s capital, 22-year-old Mohamed Haniff got to work producing Tropical Storms. The nine-song project serves as an ode to summertime in his island and conjures up the sort of relaxed vibe you would expect from a summer in the Caribbean. The project fuses elements from the worlds of hip hop, ambient music and jazz and acts as a signpost of the beat maker’s progression to date. While he has primarily been producing for others in the past year since his last instrumental release, expect to hear more in the way of original collaborations from Haniff in the near future. 

Download: MohamedHaniff - The Sun At Midnight

Download: MohamedHaniff - Never Forget(w/ Cashtro Crosby)

Chillwave · Easy Listening


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