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Wara From The Neighborhood - "Riccardo Tisci" [Video]

Once again during my inter-web adventures, I bump into some dope, new undiscovered talent. This time from Wara From The Neighborhood, the Brooklyn-born, Atlanta-raised artist represents both a different time in the city as well as a new presence. An enigma in his own right, Wara dropped his mixtape, The Ill Street Blues in April after his track, "Riccardo Tisci", was met with wholehearted approval. More recently he has released a video for "Riccardo Tisci", further emphasizing his talent as a well-rounded producer with a commitment to honesty, creativity and substance in his music. We will definitely be keeping a eye on Wara as he makes his own lane. He certainly has the chops for it. Shouts to Green.


Download: Wara From The Neighborhood - 03. Riccardo Tisci (Prod. by Curtis Williams)

Download: Wara From The Neighborhood - 13. Beautiful Ignorance (Prod. by Key!)

Download: Wara From The Neighborhood - 12. God Damn (Prod. by Curtis Williams)



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