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Astronauts Etc. – "You Can Yell" [PREMIERE]

As summer winds to a close, the advent of fall brings the crisp excitement of new possibilities and brand new adventures. Or so seems to be the tone of Astronaut etc.'s newest, celebratory release, "You Can Yell". A brief departure from the calculating arpeggios of "Mystery Colors", Anthony Ferraro's soothingly hazy vocals woo us over a bright instrumental backdrop as we find "You Can Yell" to be the very tune we were looking for in this swing between seasons.

Capturing the song's delicate essence, as he did with the video for "Mystery Colors", video artist Ben Smith of XLVI delivers grandiose visuals of space, tied with a granular look at human relationships, touching on each of the song's sonically intimate notes.  If you find yourself downloading this track, check back on September 8 when Ferraro drops his first EP release, Supermelodic Pulp.



Dreampop · Indie


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