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Rubblebucket - "(Focus) Oversaturated"

Rubblebucket is a Brooklyn/Boston based indie band that is getting plenty of press and praise for their chaotic and eclectic brand of genre-bending melodies. But, it's their live performances that are making them infamous. The elements going into these performances are, as told by a reliable source:

  • Dancing robot puppets
  • LED lighting tricks and treats
  • A horn-section that crowd surfs
So, clearly, if you have an opportunity to see Rubblebucket live, it's probably a good idea.

Rubblebucket's single, "(Focus) Oversaturated", is a cut off of the groups upcoming EP, entitled Oversaturated, which was recorded at Bear Creek Studios in Washington with Ryan Haddock (who's worked with the likes of Fleet Foxes and The Gossip). The track is a pretty good example of the group's sound: an musical-potluck, composed of technically proficient musicians. The name Rubblebucket seems pretty fitting, really. And the sound that's produced by this hodgepodge, while chaotic at times, remains over-all harmonious and pleasant. There's clearly a method to Rubblebucket's madness.

You can grab "(Focus) Oversaturated" below.

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