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Mellor - "Saturdays For Love"

London-based indie electronic rock band Mellor are fairly new to the air waves, however they are blowing up the underground music scene. A small legion of fans are already following this band and their brand new journey to stardom. Their recent works are electronic heavy, with dashes of chill-pop and ambient. A great example of their core style is one of their latest tracks, "Saturdays For Love".  Though the track is slightly dated, both Mellor and "Saturdays For Love" deserve more attention and love than they currently are receiving.

"Saturdays For Love" starts off with a groovy bass-line and clean electronic effects with serene guitar picking. Cue the dreamy vocals, which will easily sends listeners into a mellow dancing mood where head bobbing and slow hip shifting only seem natural. Subtle hints of disco ooze out of the tune like how the cheese oozes out of a freshly made grilled cheese sandwich. As I lick my lips and fingers of the cheese, I approve and cannot wait for their future tracks.

Electronic · Indie


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